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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

White Christmas- the classic Christmas song

Here are some more hottest Christmas gifts.

Digital Frames

If the beautiful pictures are just stored in your hard disk, then it's the time to have a digital frame on this Christmas. Just have a 7 inches or 13 inches digital photo frame and display your precious pictures taken on Thanksgiving dinner or last birthday party. While Digitalframez are giving Christmas special discount till 1st December, 2007 and are offering different sizes from 7 inch to 15 inch LCD display, DigitalPhotoframe are also giving offers of free 512mb SD Memory Card.

Halo 3

Most of the video game lovers would jump with joy if they get hold of the latest Halo 3 . I think it is needless to say Halo 3 is the third of the first person shooter video game series that started with Halo: combat evolved and the third part concludes the story that began in first part. Halo 3 has similar concepts as Halo 2 but there are new modes and concepts that makes it exciting. There is an offer of buying 360 for which one can get a Halo 3 for FREE! Offer is from Nov 21- Dec 21. Also you can buy from Bestbuy where there is offer of free shipping. Of course there is Amazon where you can get used models from $ 50.


Another popular game is the Bioshock. Amazon is giving an offer of save 33% . If you want it , you better hurry add it to your cart till the stock lasts. One can get lots of facts about this game online IGN

Plasma Screen
People are inclining more and more towards plasma screen . However,one should know about some facts while buying Plasma screen. In Circuitcity one can get Plasma HDTV on which there are some offers while in Compusa there are number of brands of Plasma tv available.


Those who have been planning to invest on GPS on this Christmas , here is a good news. Circuitcity is offering a save of 100$ on purchase of GPS and upto 15% save on it's accessories.
But if you are new to this technology then you can get some good tips on PCmag. One can also check out CnetShopper or Amazon.

Present any one of the gift to a gizmo freak kid and he or she will love it. Are you still thinking if these gifts would really please your mom or your wife who is not-so-fond of video games and gizmos? Well, I will discuss some gift ideas for mom and expecting mothers. But that is for another post. Stay tuned friendsand please share your ideas with me about the Christmas gifts.

Here is a trailer of the Halo 3 which was released on September, 2007

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Christmas story of a little girl must read this

Finally is it dark.In winter is not necessary to wait,darkness comes very early.Parents turn on the lights of the christmastree and go into the kitchen.
And now the fable is visible.
She enters the room and sees only the twinkling tree in the darkness.
One step nearer.One more.
Old toys wake up.Blue house with snow and icicles on the roof opens it's door and a small man comes out.He walks the path of balls till reindeer,than till white hare ,then together they go and go (she turns the tree) and reach the red moon,they continue their journey,meet other characters and beautiful places....

One year her father clothed like Santa Claus and put home a sack with all possible gifts.The girl could not belive her happiness.She chanted and danced and said poems for every gift......Some days later her parents found her crying in a corner."Why?"-"You don't love me.You have gifted nothing to me for Christmas..."-"And the sack of gifts....?"-"No,those were from Santa"-"You are so a great girl,you know,there is no Santa..."-"It's not true.There is Santa, and he came to me and took gifts for me!" Nothing to do,the poor parents had to buy other gifts for the doughter.

That girl is old today.Her children buy gifts for their little girls.
She don't believes Santa Claus more and said me,she don't has the special Christmas-feeling in the last years.Maybe it is strange, to hear something like this from an old woman,but it's pitty to lose this sence of wonder,said she.

I thought about this story and asked my friends what is the faith.As a person that had atheistic roots,I envied people that have REAL faith.But now I think faith is when we feel that there is something wonderful in the life.Life is a miracle.

That's gotta be a first time

So, the past few days I've had a severe cold. This meant that I had so much mucus coming out my nose that I had a hard time breathing. But just in case that wasn't enough "TMI", I wanted to share with all of you what happened to me this morning. In the process of trying to pick my nose, I became disoriented... basically my depth perception was off... even though no one can see the inside of their nose anyways. So, I cut the inside of my nose with my nail, which resulted in severe bleeding. I thought this was post worthy... I hope you are all freaked out.

If that didnt' freak you out.... I heard a christmas song 10 more times today...

Thanks for reading RFCN and as always remember

If you are brushing your teeth, don't read this

Speaking of weird personal information...

I got a new tooth brush. I've been using the new tooth brush for two months. One month ago I realized there is another tooth brush the same color in our bathroom. Sometimes I'd notice it would go unused. However, at times my tooth brush would be wet before I used it. I'm freaked out.

I wish I could say that's all... but the same thing has been happening to my deodorant.

Thanks for reading and as always remember,

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